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ERISA Cavalry's Services

With limited exceptions, ERISA Cavalry's relationships are with law firms rather than individual or business clients. Our role is to advise lawyers so that they can serve their own clients more capably and efficiently. Here are some of the specific services that we can perform for you:

  • Evaluate the merits of arguments put forward in litigation and in pre-litigation review of benefit claims.

  • Review plan documents (both individually designed plans and the adoption agreements of pre-approved prototype plans.

  • Recommend potential retirement plan designs, and review recommendations from others.

  • Draft individually designed plan documents.

  • Draft plan amendments and other plan-related documents, such as benefit election forms and notices to participants.

  • Review benefits proposals from outside vendors.

  • Assist in conducting compliance reviews of client's plans (important now that the IRS has sharply cut back its determination letter program).

  • Advise on the interpretation of ambiguous or obscure plan provisions.

  • Advise on the tax consequences of retirement and welfare plans for employers and employees.

  • Advise on the tax consequences of nonqualified deferred compensation, with special attention to the restrictions imposed by section 409A and (for plans of tax-exempt employers) section 457(f).

  • Respond to specific legal and tax questions that arise in the course of plan administration.


This is far from an exclusive list. Please note, however, that we do not appear in court on behalf of plaintiffs or defendants, nor do we ordinarily deal directly with the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor or Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. We have no interest in snatching clients away from their current law firms.


ERISA Cavalry's fees are based on the nature of the services rendered, with consideration also for the character of your client base. For engagements that primarily involve drafting documents, we will normally offer a flat fee. Other engagements will be priced on an hourly basis, depending on the complexity of the task, but always with a ceiling that will not be breached unless unexpected circumstances develop and you consent to the increase.

Our engagement letter will confirm our fee agreement with you and when payment is expected.

We discount fees if you are serving small businesses or not-for-profit organizations, in recognition of the limitations that your own fees are likely to face.

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